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2 steering wheels are better than 1

After every charter, we LOVE to hear from you after you get back from your holiday, just to check that you had a perfect voyage.

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We hear all sorts of things – but mainly that they’ve had a brilliant time (and you’d be surprised at how rarely they mention that there was one of the crew that they didn’t get along with!)

But here’s what one of our happy customers had to say recently: "I was soooo happy with the trip – the boat, the weather, the crew, and, full disclosure – I’ve already gone and booked our boat for next year – obviously with after they did such a spectacular job this year!"

"I suppose I have been a regular sailor over the last few years, but we’ve tended to stay on yachts which other people would describe as small – but this time we were on a 45 footer, which had so much space that it felt almost palatial.  But, being a sailing purist, I thin that, all told, my two favourite things about the boat were the dual steering wheels!"

"I’d never been on a yacht with two wheels before, and, sad as it sounds, I was genuinely excited to finally have great visibility of where we were going no matter which direction we were travelling, or which sails were out!"

"And now I’ve done it, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to having a yacht with just one steering wheel!"