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"10/10 for Customer Service"

We ask each and every one of our customers to rate our services when they come back from their holidays (just to see if there’s anything we could be doing better), and, though we expect high marks because we dedicate so much time to trying to make sure that everything goes perfectly, it’s always satisfying when we get 10/10.

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Here’s some excerpts from our latest feedback :)

“Yacht was very well maintained (though it clearly wasn’t new), and the yacht charter company were excellent – they were very fast at responding to our needs customer service: 10/10. 

Overall a very good experience all the way from pre-booking, reception, check-in, skipper update, service, maintenance and check-out!  We will book with you again!”

We pride ourselves on our award-winning service and our ecstatic customers.  If you’re not sure who to book with, try us, and you’ll never need to google ‘yacht charter’ again!

We used to get a present from the boss every time we got a 10/10 for customer service, but we had to stop that after the office fridge became so full of Prosecco that there wasn’t room for anything else!

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