Places to sail from Skiathos

If you charter a bareboat or skippered yacht with when we’ll send you a Captains hat, plus a final info pack which has all the information you need to have a brilliant holiday.

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As well as details about your yacht or catamaran, we include some of the highlights of the local area for you to try and explore. 

You can set your own route (and wherever you go, you will find adventure), but if you were chartering from beautiful Skiathos in Greece, we’d recommend including these as part of your planned destinations:

Peristera (26nM from Skiathos)

This island is the mythical home of the Cyclops, a one-eyed cannibalistic giant, capable of destroying a man with his giant fists from over 6 feet away.  Do you dare to go exploring the caves on the island?

Skopelos  (16 nM from Skiathos)

You want a picture-postcard Greek fishing village with brilliant food and lively nightlife?  Head to Skopelos and see it for yourself!

Kyra Panagia  (29nm from Skiathos)

More of a wildlife fan?  Come and spot the Mediterranean Monk Seal in the National Marine Park waters that surround the island.  Top tip: take a snorkel!

Have you been to Skiathos?  Where would you include as places that people definitely need to see for themselves?

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