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How to go sailing RIGHT NOW!

The European sailing season hasn’t started yet, but you can still get your sailing thrills if you are prepared to travel!

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Had enough of all this? Want to go sailing? Don’t care where, I don’t care how – just want to sail right NOW?! It’s easy - here’s our step-by-step guide of how to go sailing RIGHT NOW!.

 1. Book flights to the Caribbean 

This is the difficult bit, and is complex depending upon which part of the world you are travelling from, and whether travel is possible (i.e. not banned) or if the Government are just ‘advising against’ travel (but won’t stop you). Airlines and flights are still running, so book a ticket and take to the sky.

If you’re travelling against your country’s travel advice, then your normal travel insurance might be invalid, but you can get specialist travel insurance for travelling to countries on the banned list from places like IM Global or Battleface.

 2. Get yourself a negative Coronavirus PCR test 

To enter Antigua, the Bahamas, the BVI’s and Grenada then (as a minimum) you will need to have a negative Coronavirus PCR test result before you fly, or you might not be allowed into the Caribbean. You can book a private PCR test from £60 per person (varies by country, location and how urgently you need the result).

Depending upon where you live, you may or may not need to take a PCR test to return from the Caribbean to your home, and/or there might be some quarantine or self-isolation required. But most of Europe is in lockdown, so it's not like you would really be missing out?!

 3. Go sailing – the Caribbean is OPEN! :)t 

We can help arrange private transfers direct to your boat, then it’s time to hop on-board, go sailing in the sunshine and relax – ideally without any devices so you can just forget about the rest of the world and it’s problems for a few short days or weeks. Bliss.

It’s the middle of the Caribbean sailing season right now, the weather is perfect, the sea is turquoise and warm, and they're just about to put another batch of lobster on the barbecue.... another life is possible if you are prepared to travel for it!

 More about sailing in the Caribbean! 

Caribbean boat charters are roughly comparable to boat charter prices in Europe (but obviously the flights are more expensive). Interested? Check out our destination guides for yacht and catamaran charters in the Caribbean!