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FREE Italian gelato with every booking this November!

We've just launched our award-winning charter services in 5 bases across Italy, so this month every week-long Mediterranean sailing holiday comes with free Italian gelato for all your crew – the best ice-cream in the world!

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This week sees the launch of our bareboat and skippered yacht charter services in five bases across Italy, including gorgeous Tuscany and Salerno on the mainland, enchanting Portorosa and Marsala in Sicily, and delightful Portisco in Sardinia. Each offering excellent sailing conditions and your choice of volcanoes and islands, high-end fashion and Roman or Napoleonic history to go along with the amazing beaches, secluded bays, and beautiful scenery.

Italy is famous for its history, its art scene, opera, fashion, and, of course, food – the sunshine here makes the quality and taste of their local produce exceptional: from cheese, and pasta to pizza, ham and truffles. Their wine is second to none, and even their water tastes so good that it is the most exported water in the world?!

They’re also the masters of the biggest and best holiday food: gelato (or ice-cream) – so good that you simple have to try it! So for every booking made in November 2018 will qualify for a free Italian gelato – if you charter in Italy, then you’ll get the real deal and we’ll pay for your whole crew to get Gelato with all the trimmings on both the first and last day of your charter – if you charter from somewhere else, then we’ll arrange for some genuine Italian gelato to arrive in the post a few weeks before your charter date, so that you and your crew can have an ice-cream party to meet up, plan your route, and start to get excited about your holiday!

To take us up on this offer, make a week-long booking before the end of November and then email bookings [at] to claim your free gelato! *Subject to shipping regulations in your jurisdiction.