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FAQ: How many cabins will I need?

Our UK-based team are really happy to answer questions from potential customers – either through the website, by email, twitter or on our UK Freephone hotline! In this blog series, we aim tackle your most frequently asked questions!

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When you first step onto a 50 foot yacht, it will feel a bit like a palace.  But fill it with another 11 people for seven days and it’ll start to feel more like a prison and there won’t even be enough room to swing a cat! 

Herein lies the answer to this most frequently asked question: how much space do you need to keep your sanity, and/or how much space do you need to feel comfortable? As a starting point: how big is your crew, and how many spaces do you need for people to sleep?

Some people feel they need their own space to unwind and to properly relax - so giving them a cabin on their own for the week is a good idea.  Couples can obviously share a cabin, and close family and friends usually won’t mind sharing a cabin (assuming one or both of them don’t snore!).  For strangers, they might not mind sharing a bunked cabin, but might be less keen on sharing a cabin with a double bed.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), will anyone be sleeping in the saloon

This is the main area of the yacht, where everyone will congregate at the start and end of the day, and where people will hover if the weather sucks or to check the maps, etc…  The main downsides to sleeping in the saloon are that they generally wake up with the first person to get up, and can’t sleep until the last person goes to bed.  Odd are that they’ll also be woken up by people nipping to the heads through the night – so sleeping here doesn’t seem so cosy. 

Throw in the fact that they’ll also have practically zero private space, and they’ll have to pack up and unpack their kit (or leave the saloon a complete mess), and the whole idea of forcing some poor soul to sleep in the saloon seems pretty unappealing.  On the other hand, it does make things cheaper (and if you’re only going away for a few days, it is bearable)?  Personally, I’d rather not sleep in the saloon, but I know some people who don’t mind it.

So decide how you’d like everyone to sleep, and that will tell you how many cabins you’ll need.  Easy. :)