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Coronavirus Update

We’re monitoring news of the Coronavirus across Europe very closely and will keep our customers updated as the situation progresses.

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Last updated: Wednesday 1st July 2020

Boats are back out on the water, and aeroplanes are in the sky! ! This is how we understand the current situation and its likely impact on the sailing season ahead:

Current travel restrictions

It’s good news as European borders officially relax, and international travel can recommence. Boats are back out on the water across Europe, and international tourists are making the most of the quieter than normal anchorages as they island-hop in the sun!

As of 1st July, borders are now open across Europe, and you can see any travel restrictions at the official EU Coronavirus website:

Sailing is now possible in all our sailing areas, borders are now open, so all that remains is flights. In mainland Europe, flights are now operating as normal. From the UK, Ryanair has committed to running 1,000 planes a day throughout July, so it is possible to get away – the one exception is flights from the UK to Greece, which will now not take place before the 15th July, and the UK to Malta, which have yet to be announced (but both Greece and Malta are accepting travellers from other parts of Europe).

In the UK, sailing charters are now possible in England (although a maximum of two households can theoretically be part of your crew) and will soon be possible in Scotland. Those after skippered charters obviously need to be aware that the Skipper will also count as a household under the latest rules in the UK.

New rules to be aware of: Registration to travel

There are no mandatory quarantines or tests, but customers should be aware that:

In Croatia, it is requested that travellers complete an online form giving their details and accommodation (in this case, a boat) prior to arrival by air or by land – find it here:

In Greece, it is mandatory that travellers complete an online ‘Passenger Locator form’ to give details of where they have been for the last 14 days, as well as contact details, etc… After completion, travellers will receive a QR code to print or show on a smartphone on arrival in Greece. Depending upon where you have been, after scanning your QR code, they may require a Coronavirus test to be performed, and they will request that, whilst you continue your holiday as planned, you isolate yourself as much as possible until the results of the test are known. The form can only be completed within 48 hours of your arrival – find it here:

In Italy, France, Spain and other countries, we are not aware of similar rules.

At the moment, the UK Government rules about quarantining yourself for 14 days after arrival back in the UK are still in place, but these are expected to be dropped very soon. Likewise, we are expecting the FCO advice against traveling abroad (which invalidates many travel insurance policies) to be dropped within days.

Travellers from outside of Europe may also need to wait for wider European border regulations to relax.

What shall I do if I have a charter booked? What is the cancellation policy?

We’ve already contacted you if you have a booking with us before the end of August this summer to update you on this, and to understand your plans, but we are now hopeful that your flights and holiday can run as planned.

In general, our operators are now being a little firmer on cancellation and amendments to bookings – but they will still postpone holidays to 2021 where the Government where you live, your airline, or the Government at your destination formally prevent you from travelling due to Coronavirus.

Please contact your Personal Sailing Expert if you have any queries, or to discuss your booking.

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