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Cheaper than our rivals - and better!

One of the questions we get asked regularly is how we get our prices so much lower than our rivals, and yet still manage to get so many (independently rated) Customer Service reviews taht give us top, top marks...

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There is no doubting that we are cheaper - for example, with Sunsail, on their website today a 4-cabin yacht aged 3-6 years from Athens on 7th July will cost you €5,340.  On you can get a 4-cabin yacht from 2014 for the dates for just €3,933!  And, if you’re prepared to go for an older yacht, you can find one on PlainSailing from for just €1,828!  That’s a big difference, in anyone’s money.

Both boats are bareboat charters, from the same Athens marina, and excluding flights or transfers.  The boats will be near enough the same in terms of length and cabins, and they’ll have been chartered out to people for about the same number of weeks, so they’ll be in a comparable condition.

Why are our Yacht Charter prices so low?

The main difference to you is that for check-in and check-out, you’ll be meeting a local who is wearing a Sunsail hat, as opposed to one with their own local company on.  And that’s it.  They don’t provide extra insurance, or safety cover.  It’s honestly as simple as that.  So what’s the reason for the huge difference in price?

Firstly, Sunsail are a big brand and they spend a lot of money on marketing – which they’re passing on to you, the customer.  We don’t have a massive marketing budget.

Secondly, they look after their own yachts, which means they’ve got a huge infrastructure (and all the costs that go with it) – which they’re also passing on to you.  We work with quality local operators who we know and trust.

Thirdly, they think that, just because you had a great holiday with them last time (who doesn’t have a great sailing holiday?!), you won’t think about price-checking.  They rely on brand loyalty to be able to charge what they think they can get away with – not the actual price of the holiday!  Our prices are set by our local charter partners, who are experts and know the right price to charge for them to make some profit – but not so much that you'd want to go with one of their competitors instead!

Finally, they set their prices at the start of the season (when they publish their brochure), and they set charter prices globally, which means they aren’t fully on top of the prices in each market.  Our real-time prices change day to day, based upon local market conditions!

Why are our Customer Reviews ratings so high?

Our crack, award-winning customer service team are based in the UK.  We think this helps because we know our main target market (though we’re increasingly getting charter bookings from across the EU) – we understand what you want, what you mean, and there’s no room for communication issues! :)

We're also available basically 24 hours a day - if you have a question about your booking (or potential booking) you can either hit the LiveChat (where one of our team will respond, on average, within 24 seconds of you hitting send, or catch us on our UK freephone hotline (0800 612 8210), and one of our team of British gentlemen and ladies will provide the answer or help to sort things out.

We’re also a member of the British Marine Federation, which is an organisation which looks after everything boat-related in the UK – we’re part of a committee which is planning the future of sailing in the UK, and we’re so proud to be a member that we’ve added the British Marine logo to our homepage!