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Can I book a 2021 sailing holiday yet?

Worried about booking a sailing holiday for 2021? How will it all work? What will happen if Coronavirus spoils another summer? Read more here!

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Last updated: 8th January 2021

 What's the latest? 

Here we are again. Much of Europe is in some form of national super-lockdown, with severe travel restrictions in place, with bars, restaurants and non-essential shops closed, and with events cancelled. It feels like April 2020 all over again.

But we are in a better position now than we were then - a mass-vaccination programme is taking place across Europe which should mean that, once the number of coronavirus cases falls (by mid February?), then national lockdown restrictions will be relaxed, and we will never have to lock-down again. After a severe January and February, then, things will ease in March, and international travel will start to open up in April - which is great news and timing for the summer sailing season: we can all go sailing in Croatia, Greece, Italy and the rest of the Med this summer!

After the lockdown in April 2020, international travel resumed in mid-June 2020, so our estimate of being able to travel in March or April 2021 also fits with this timetable.

 I want to go sailing! Can I need to book something now? 

Absolutely! The prices have seldom been better, and you can book a yacht or catamaran charter with just 25% deposit - and the rest is only due in the last few weeks leading up to your charter. We’re recommending that you get something booked sooner rather than later, particularly if you want to sail in the first half of the season (March to June) – there is less availability than normal at this stage of the pre-season because so many boat charters were rolled over from the 2020 season to the same week in 2021.

A good number of the best boats are already booked up, or filling up fast, so if you’re particular about what you want to sail, then book now.

 What size deposit do I need to make? 

Just 25% deposit now is enough to book your private yacht or catamaran.

We know that people are unsure about booking now, so we’re offering bookings with a super-low 25% deposit – it is normally 50%. And the remainder is only due two weeks before the charter start date (normally six weeks before the charter start date), so you can see how the land lies before paying the balance. Hopefully we won’t ever have to mention the c-word again in summer 2021 (coronavirus).

 What happens if Coronavirus gets in the way of my 2021 sailing holiday? 

Like we saw in 2020, no one is going to end up out of pocket from We’re not expecting any issues, but if Coronavirus restrictions (like travel bans or mandatory quarantine, at your home or destination country) stop you getting to your charter, then we can either move your charter to later in the season (or to 2022) OR we can give you a credit note for the 25% deposit you have paid (to give you time to choose new dates or a new boat). Easy :)

 Can I a full cash refund if coronavirus stops my sailing trip? 

Yes - there are some boats and some yacht charter operators who will allow you to cover your charter, so that if you have to cancel your holiday (for coronavirus reasons) then they will give you a full cash refund.

But this isn't as standard - there is usually a surcharge for this additional insurance cover, so do ask us via email, LiveChat or on our hotline and we can find the right boat for you, with the right cover for you. To be honest, given all of the above, we wouldn't recommend paying extra for insurance that you probably won't need.