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Book with us in January and get €50 off your outboard motor!

Book a week-long Mediterranean sailing holiday with this month, and we’ll give you €50 off your outboard motor hire!

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If there’s one thing that can spoil being anchored up in a quiet, secluded bay for the night, it’s surely that you’re often a fair way out from the shore and that it’s going to take some time, effort, and perhaps even sweat for you to drag your oars and dinghy across to the nearest dry land.

It’s because of this very predicament that the Outboard motor was invented, but sadly outboard motors aren’t included as standard with a charter yacht or catamaran, so you often get stung for an extra €80 to €100 for them, which can seem like a lot for the few minutes use you’ll get from them.

So it’s lucky that this month, we’re giving you €50 towards the hire of your Outboard motor. To claim your €50, make a week-long Mediterranean sailing holiday and then email info[at] and we’ll deduct the discount from your final balance! :)