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Book now for 2020, and be as specific as you like!

Book NOW for 2020 – particularly if you’re after a particular boat or layout, or have other specific preferences – our team can help you find and book your ideal boat!

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If you’ve been sailing for a few years, then the chances are that you already know exactly what sort of boat you want, where you want it, and when. So why wait to get it booked?

Age, Layout, Features...

We have some very exacting customers, but at the moment there’s lots of choice, and we’re confident that we can find you your ideal charter yacht or catamaran – whether that’s one that’s a certain age (or price), with a certain layout (maybe one with a monster double-sized owners-cabin, or bunked cabins?), or even one with features like bow and stern thrusters, air conditioning, a dishwasher, a coffee machine… to make sure that your week isn’t just comfortable, but sensational!

Early booking discounts..!

On top of that, booking now also means that you’ll get special early booking discount (of up to 35% off the normal rates) – not to mention maximising the amount of time you’ll have to sit and daydream about being on the boat, in the sunshine, with the wind and the waves…

So use our pink box search tool to find your ideal boat yourself, or drop one of our team a LiveChat message or email (or WhatsApp if you’re a returning customer!) and we’ll find you your perfect match.