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Croatia, Greece and the rest of Europe are fully open, and we're getting customers on the water again - the horror-show is almost over!

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Phew! This horror-show is almost over: our customers can travel to Croatia and Italy already, but from today, travel restrictions have finally been relaxed today, and we’ve seen the first flights from the UK being accepted in Greece (our second biggest market, after Croatia).

 Lockdown was miserable 

It’s been a maddening few months for everyone here at – after blazing a record-breaking trail in the first half of the booking season, things ground to a stand-still in several months as people didn’t know whether they’d be able to go on a sailing holiday this season.

Worse, instead of our happy customer setting sail in March, April, May and June this year, we’ve had to spend time cancelling their bookings. Breaking the news that someone’s dream sailing holiday isn’t going to happen is something we hope to not have to do again - it’s the sort of news that no-one likes.

 THANKS! for your support! 

Thankfully, so many of our customers have worked with us and were happy to re-book their holidays in 2021 (when ideally we’ll have long forgotten about what went on this summer) – if you’re one of those customers, then honestly, thanks so much – we really appreciated your support as it was a very stressful time both here in the UK, where we were locked in our own homes, but also over in Greece and Croatia.

 Need an excuse to book a sailing holiday...? 

But now things are open again, and things are looking rosier than they were – there’s still half a season of sailing to go, and we’ve got lots and lots of bookings over the coming months – and hopefully lots and lots of happy customers.

If you’re umming and aaahing about whether to sail this year, then honestly, you should. Boats are wonderful for keeping yourself isolated, but you can swap your four walls for a sandy beach, white cliff, or mesmerising sunset – plus, the sailing fraternity needs your support, which is surely one of the best excuses for going on a sunny sailing holiday?

You can now book with low deposits, crazy low last-minute prices, and if anything is affected by the virus, then we can rebook your holiday to 2021 – email or Livechat us if you’ve got any questions and we’ll gladly sort you out! :)