Plain Sailing

We’re getting better and better!

Hot on the heels of winning the Luxury Travel Guide award for having the best Customer service in our market, we’ve spent the off-season developing the back-end of our site.

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The most significant change is that, soon, you’ll be able to book yachts with us in Croatia and Greece with real-time prices, and real-time availability!  It’s clearly the future, it was one of the things that we set out to achieve when we started to mix up the charter market, and it’s (finally) happening!

It means an end to the days of sitting and waiting for a response, or having to email (or worse, fax!) someone to ask about what yachts are available: now, you’ll be able to just browse our website for the latest - and best – offers (and the next phase of our development will see the search facility get way clearer and more intricate), select a boat, and book it! 

You can also add extra’s as you check-out, to make your stay even more comfortable.  Check-out by paying just 30% deposit until a few weeks before the charter to finalise the booking.  And after that, upload your skippers qualifications online to speed up the check-in process!

It might take us another couple of weeks to get everything in place and working 100%, so please bear with us, but we think this is a game-changer, and hope you guys do too!

We really are making chartering a yacht :)