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Summer is selling out… but it’s not too late to book!

The back-end to our booking system suggests that, after a few months of hectic sales, summer is selling out!

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Summer has only just started – in the UK at least – and we’ve already got charter partners who have literally booked out their yachts for every week between now and the middle of October, and generally, of the ones that haven’t, they only have a few weeks of yacht-time to fill before they sell out as well! 

And they’re so happy with the season, that they are offering some bargain prices to shift their last availabilities – as per our special offer, if you are flexible on either date or location, then we can help you snag an amazing deal (just email or call us!)

Whilst Brexit has had a bit of an impact (in terms of the number of searches and bookings we received in the immediate after-math), the summer sailing season in Croatia and Greece has been somewhat helped by the miserable weather in the UK: people yearn for some summer sunshine, so when it isn’t forthcoming where you are, it’s clear that you need to head off in search of it yourself.

Selling out is obviously (finally) some good news to the Greek and Croatian tourist economies, who will benefit from all those tourists spending money on having a good time sailing in the sunshine – though it also obviously means a lot of hard work!