Plain Sailing

Lucky they’re not in a boat...!

Crikey! It’s almost enough to make me want to get out of the house, get into a boat, and sail as far away from a TV as I can get!

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And much as I don’t want to admit I’m watching, I am, of course, talking about this years’ “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here…!”  Last nights’ episode was pretty much a blood-bath, with everyone shouting at each other, no one listening, and two sides starting to emerge from what is supposed to be a team. 

Whilst it’s no doubt horrible to be a part of, it’s so gruesome that it’s compelling to watch.  And it’s obviously difficult not to take sides (Seriously, who the heck does that woman think she is?!)

It’s one thing to do it in a jungle, but just imagine how much more exciting it would be if instead, they were on a yacht?!  If ever there was a test of a team, it’s when the waves are rolling and there’s a heavy tack to make!


With this group, the ship would doubtless be destroyed by day six, with twelve people pulling ropes in opposite directions and stopping only when things break.  And even then, only to head downstairs to some cockroach-infested cabins below, or to eat something revolting (well, you have to keep some parts of the original show..!)

Without listening to their leader, the ship would be going in any which way except forwards, there would be some people falling out, and screaming at each other, and probably so self-occupied that they won’t notice their dignity slowly drifting off the back of the boat.

Actually, now I think about it, I wish it were on a boat…  Maybe next series?!