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How to choose who to charter with?

A quick google for yacht charter agencies in Greece and Croatia will throw up, literally, hundreds of results, so we know that it’s difficult to work out who you can trust, and who to book with – but here’s a few things to consider:

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If you’re the sort of person who likes being able to talk to someone about your holiday plans, and get some advice – ideally in English! – then you’ll probably be after a UK agency with a free-phone number?  How about one with a small and dedicated team who will actually remember your call and your concerns and help you find the best yacht for you?  Dial 0800 612 8210 and you’ll find our team will do the trick.  We’ll even (generally) even answer your calls outside of normal office hours!

If you're only interested in finding a decent yacht charter company – who maintain their yachts seriously – then look no further!  We only use yacht charter companies that we are sure will give you a brilliant yacht and a brilliant holiday.  We only use charter operators who we have met, know and trust.  And our new feedback system and customer reviews of each company will start to fill with other sailors comments after they’ve completed their sailing holidays this year.  Don’t risk letting a shabby yacht (and worrying about if you’ll even make it back to your home marina!) spoil your holiday.

Maybe you like to see photos of the actual yacht you’re booking, instead of stock photos of a pristine yacht?  At, we have actual photos for the vast majority of our yachts (and this season we’re upgrading our advice to our partners about the quality and number of photos they have for each yacht). 

And did I mention that we have live availability for the yachts – so you can find and book your yacht quickly and easily, with just a 30% deposit to secure your booking.

Or maybe, finally, you’re most enamoured by price?  We’re hooked up directly with each of our partners, so you won’t find their boats at better prices.  Period.  Guaranteed.

So now you know where to book your yacht charter - what are you waiting for?