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First sailing holiday: LOVED IT!

Customer: "Wow! Just got back from my first ever sailing holiday, and I have to say I LOVED IT!"

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"I never really thought of going sailing until I met my current boyfriend, but one of his friends dropped out, and, at short notice (and mainly because I felt sorry for my boyfriend, who was our crews’ skipper!) I ended up flying to Dubrovnik and, with a little trepidation, boarding the yacht.

"My first fear was that I’d basically be sea-sick the whole week.  I imagined that I’d be unable to eat, let alone sleep, because I’d be too busy sitting next to a bucket and looking pale, or green, or both.  I was even so nervous I bought not one, but two packets of sea-sickness pills – but thankfully I didn’t even use a single tablet: the sea is nowhere near as rough as you think it will be, and you don’t even notice you’re moving after the first few hours.

"Whilst I was a little scared about leaving our home marina, I never believed that sailing a yacht could be so much fun: I really learnt something during the week away, and the freedom to travel in any which direction is pretty exhilarating.  I was particularly happy when, on the last day, I was asked to help to look at the chart (or ‘map’ to newbies) to spot a secluded bay to go for a swim and a sunbathe, and then to get us there!  It was amazing!

"Of course, it’s who you’re with that makes the holiday, and the crew were all brilliant, and we’re all such good friends – we’ve even started talking about where we’re going next year  All in all, a genuinely memorably top-drawer holiday!"

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