Plain Sailing

Don’t be stuck here this time next year…

Did we mention it’s still 23 degrees in Athens? Yes, today, 23 degrees! And there are some incredible last-minute offers if you’re willing to charter a yacht in October 2016.

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If you’re like us at the office, you’ll no doubt be looking out of the window and watching the gloomy grey sky and wondering where the year went.  Then putting on your second jumper and overcoat as you head out of the door into the bleak darkness of a UK autumn… *sigh*

But wait, this isn’t about a call to arms for you to disrupt your plans and book yourself a yacht rightaway (though if that appeals, then go for it!) - you can also get the same Euro-busting rates for October 2017 as yacht charter operators look to fill their boats for the season ahead – like a week-long yacht charter for eight people for under £900!

And if you book ahead, you can also benefit from booking cheap flights as soon as they become available, and, of course, spending hours and hours obsessing about your yacht and how amazing your sailing holiday will be.

So maybe, instead of sitting in that seat and in from of this screen at this time next year, why not ask us about where you could be, and spend next October sailing in the sunshine whilst the rest of your office mope around?  Sounds good?  Make it happen!