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Brexit: Boats don’t lie...

Bored of the Brexit debate yet? We are.

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At first we were excited, but the initial flurry of interest in our office when the whole thing kicked off, has been replaced by general confusion and despondence.  Regardless of whichever side of the debate you are on, the media seems to be choc-full of threat and counter-threat, and there’s so many conflicting voices and contradicting theories that it’s impossible to know who is telling the truth and who is lying to us - but one thing is clear: someone is!

So when the boss asked me to write the blog on something topical (and bring it to being vaguely relevant for a yacht charter website), there is only one thing that I think we can be sure of: at least a yacht won’t lie to you.

Boats don’t have the ability to talk, thankfully (or not if you’re one of the people that enjoys fantasising about talking to them?), so they can’t tell us half- or none-truths, be it about the economy or migrants, or even about useful stuff like the weather. 

Yes, boats won’t tell you one thing to make political gain, when they know deep-down that the opposite of what they’re saying is true.  They won’t use spin to try and get you to persuade you to allow or not allow people to be part of your crew, or any of that frothy nonsense.  They won’t even use overly complex or complicated equations to prove their theories (and disprove the theories of other boats), etc…

Overall, boats are a lot more reliable than our politicians, so maybe we should just let them chair the debate?

Of course, one way to escape the whole Brexit debate is to book yourself a yacht charter for the next month…  We charter yachts from Greece, Croatia, England and Scotland - give us a call on 0800 612 8210 if you want one (and we promise we won’t talk about Brexit).