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Book your Yacht Charter with just 30% deposit!

Sailing can be expensive, but with, you can secure your ideal yacht or catamaran with just a 30% deposit (with the rest due 6 weeks before charter).

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Charter fees can be expensive…

Though you can charter a yacht from as little as 600 Euro for a week in the off-season, the price of chartering a yacht during the more traditional summer season can be pretty substantial – if we’re talking about a brand-new, top of the range monster-sized catamaran with air-con, then you could be looking at paying upwards of 13,000 euros a week.  Yes, a week!

Some of us might have that sort of cash lying around, but there’s certainly a fair few who don’t, and we know there’s a few people out there (having been there ourselves) who will be having to nag and harangue their crews to get them to chip in - and there is always one who is a terrible payer, which just leads to more stress!

…but you can book a yacht or catamaran with just 30% deposit!

Either way, you might be interested to know that have an industry-leading deposit scheme - normally you’d have to pay 50% of the charter fee up front, but we’ll secure your booking with just 30% of the charter fee.  The rest is due six weeks before the charter start date (and we’ll contact you in advace to make sure that we get it from you in good time).

That might mean that you can spend less time chasing your crew around for money, or it might mean that you can maybe push the boat out and go for a slightly better yacht than you’d normally go for.  It might mean that you’ll have more money in the short term to enjoy the winter months in style, knowing that you’ve got a kick-ass holiday planned later in the year!  Heck, the 30% deposit might even mean that you can pay deposits on two yacht charters instead of one?! – changing the game.  Again.

When we started, we wanted to make yachting more easily accessible, we wanted to make it easier to find and charter a yacht (or catamaran), and we wanted to make the whole process as simple and hassle-free as we could make it.  Our low 30% deposit fits with all of those ideals – and is another great way that we’re moving yacht charter forwards