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Whilst we currently have good availability for most locations throughout the summer sailing season, all that is about to change - in March, the hordes will start to think about their summer plans and we’ll start to see all the green space on our system turning red as all the yachts and catamarans start to get booked up.

March is traditionally our busiest month, although there are a fair number of people who wait until after Easter (this month it’s at the end of March) before they start to even think about getting their sail on, and there are some people who won’t even countenance booking a yachting holiday until they’re reminded of yesteryear by sunshine on their face… They might be waiting a while…

Last year, Dubrovnik was the biggest hitter, with available boats of any shape or size being few and far between once the season had commenced.  Telling people that we’d found them a potential yacht in Croatia, but that it was just over 220km away in Split didn’t quite cut it…!

Whilst Dubrovnik is still popular this year (so don’t hang about if you’re thinking of booking to visit the unofficial home of Game of Thrones!), it seems to be catamarans in Lavrio that are proving to be the most difficult boats to source right now (so if you got hold of one, well done you!), and things are only going to get worse!

Of course, chartering a yacht isn’t as easy as booking a car or a hotel, because there’s often a few different members of the crew that you need to liaise with, and then there’s flights to research, so there’s quite a few moving pieces.  If you need us to hold a yacht or catamaran for you whilst you gather your crew together, then hit us up on the LiveChat as we’re able to hold them for a couple of days for free.

Another reason to hurry up and make the booking is that prices are set to jump up by about 5-10% at the end of February when our charter partners generous early-booking discounts start to expire – that could quickly mount up to a few hundred euros if you’re planning on booking for the school summer holidays here.

Then again, wherever you charter from with us will be beautiful, the weather is almost always sunny, and any money you spend will be well spent if it’s invested in making memories or lifelong friendships, so maybe you can afford to wait.

Don’t forget that if you book with us before the end of February, we’ll donate money to the Ocean Clean Up!