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Berthing / mooring fees in Croatia and Greece

How much does it cost to spend the night in a marina in Croatia and Greece? We give you the lowdown!

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One of the things you’ll have to pay for during your charter is mooring or berthing fees – which are fees for staying in a marina or harbour overnight, and connecting to their electricity or using their water supplies, toilet facilities, ropes and pontoons.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to ‘how much will it cost us in berthing fees?’ because it depends upon where you are chartering, what you are chartering as well as where you choose to stay, and prices vary massively, but what we do know is below.

The first and last nights of your stay will be at your home marina, so you won’t need to pay anything for these.

Likewise, you can stay in anchorages for free (but you won’t have access to electricity) – (though be aware that they will charge you for a National Park pass if you overnight in one of the Croatian) national marine parks.

We also include some useful links for pre-booking you berth in the marinas online, which is a growing phenomenon - there is no real market leader at the moment, but things will improve in future years.  Often it is best to contact the marina directly to ask them how or if you can book.

Berthing fees in Croatia

Since sail-tourism is still relatively new in Croatia, marinas are generally privately owned and reasonably modern.  ACI - who, with 22 marinas, operate the largest chain of marinas in the whole of the Mediterranean, and covering much of the Croatian coast – were once owned by the state, but have since been sold to privatise investors.

ACI's relative monopoly (and recent investment or development costs) means that they drive the pricing in the market though, and you’ll find that prices in Croatia are substantially higher than in Greece.

Sample costs

Mooring fees are charged by the night, and prices change depending on your location, the time of the season, and upon the length of your boat in metres (in the case of Catamarans, they also charge a supplement of up to 100% for the additional width of your boat).

The table below gives an idea of daily berthing prices for low and high season across the country.  NB: some figures have been converted to Euros (at 8 Croatian Kuna to a Euro), so these figures aren’t exact.  These are sample prices for 2018:

Location Low season (Usually Apr-May, Sept-Oct) High Season (Usually June-Aug)
Boat Length Boat Length
35’ / 10m 45’ / 13m 55’ / 16m 35’ / 10m 45’ / 13m 55’ / 16m
ACI Pomer (Pula) € 53 € 76 € 93 € 61 € 88 € 107
Marina Dalmacija (Zadar) € 63 € 79 € 100 € 63 € 79 € 100
Marina Kornati (Biograd) € 56  €76 € 105 € 56 € 76 € 105
ACI Piskera € 60 € 74 € 97 € 69 € 85 € 111
ACI Palmezana (Hvar) € 60 € 83 € 113 € 75 € 104 € 140
ACI Dubrovnik € 48 € 81 € 107 € 59 € 96 € 127

Pre-booking a berth in Croatia

The Croatians are ahead of the game when it comes to pre-booking berths, and they better understand how marina-hoping sailing should work. However, most of their marinas are also pretty vast, so pre-booking isn’t essential (particularly outside of high season), and beware of booking too far in advance, as most pre-bookings have no cancellations policy, so you won’t get any refund if you can’t make it to the right marina.

Almost all marinas will allow you to pre-book a berth (to guarantee it is there for you at the end of the day) – many give the option to book online if you google their websites, including the ACI marinas website.

You can also use the new ‘My-Sea’ to book yourself a berth at any of the ACI marinas (or plenty of others in Croatia) from your smartphone browser or via their App – the prices seem to be about the same as if you go direct.

ACI marinas are also listed on Marina Reservation, but they don’t seem to allow direct booking for any other marinas in Croatia yet.

Berthing fees in Greece

Berthing in Greece is much different from Croatia because, being further from the mainland, sailing is much more a part of the normal way of life on the Greek islands, and because things have built up over the years.

Whereas the Croatians are seeking a return on their investment in developing the marinas over the recent years, the Greek infrastructure has been in place for many, many years, it serves locals as well as tourists, and they place greater value on the benefits to the local economy that a yacht in the marina can bring (with likely spending at the local shops, taverna’s and bars) – consequently, the amount you’re charged for a berth with electricity and water can vary from free to about €30.

Sample costs

At the moment, whilst the Greek islands do have internet, there isn’t a great deal of information out there about marinas, what they offer, and how much they cost. Many of them – particularly the ones on the islands - are either free or there is a token charge of €10-15 a night.

Of the larger marinas, only the following have published prices for 2018:

Location Low season (Usually Apr-May, Sept-Oct) High Season (Usually June-Aug)
Boat Length Boat Length
35’ / 10m 45’ / 13m 55’ / 16m 35’ / 10m 45’ / 13m 55’ / 16m
Gouvia Marina (Corfu) € 42 € 58 € 72 € 42 € 58 € 72
Lefkas Marina € 40 € 55 € 70 € 40 € 55 € 70

Pre-booking a berth in Greece

The prevailing wisdom at the moment seems to be that people have been sailing in Greece for centuries and that they never needed to pre-book then, so they don’t need to pre-book now. Consequently, the Greeks don’t go out of their way to make it easy to pre-book a berth. Countering that, though, they will always try to find a space for you in their marina - even if it means tying onto another yacht - so pre-booking isn’t always necessary.

If you can find a number to call, it’s probably best to phone the marina direct to try to pre-book, or, if you want to gamble on being able to get to the right marina at the right time, you can use Marine Reservation, and they will call the marina on your behalf (be aware that berths are non-cancellable, so you won’t get a refund if you don’t make it to the marina).

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