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All at Sea is Britain’s most read waterfront magazine, and in the excellent forthcoming issue, are proudly making our second appearance!

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One of our co-founders, Adi Togs, has told the guys at the best places to go sailing in spring.  Of course, we see our boss every day and know how much he loves sailing, but he has been taking a bit of a ribbing for saying that (in the forthcoming issue – wait for it!) one of his favourite things about sailing in the spring is that you get to see baby lambs hopping around.  Assumedly they’re hopping around on land, as opposed to prancing on top of the waves, or bleating their way around the foredeck?!

But we did all like the idea of adding a whole new ‘cute’ factor to sailing – as opposed to just sailing for the exhilaration of speed, the splendour of the views, or even the relaxation of the water gently lapping against the side of the boat whilst you sip on a cool beer or gin and tonic.

Maybe there would be even more people taking to the seas if only there were more babies, or kittens, or fluffy rabbits involved?  Maybe sailing would be more fun if everyone wore cute animal onesies, and, instead of shouting, we gurgled like babies at each other, or used animal sounds to warn people that the boom was coming over?

That all sounds cute-enough, obviously, but I guess the downside is that nothing would get done, because we’d all be too busy simpering and sighing about how cute everything is to actually do anything to steer the boat, so we’d inevitably crash into something, and, well, you get the idea. Which goes to emphasise the point that you have to take care out there.  Particularly when baby lambs are involved.

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