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Farewell 2020... Let's go, 2021!

We’ll be glad to say goodbye to the 2020 sailing season – it’s been horrible – but we’re all set for another record-breaking season in 2021! Book now!

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 Farewell 2020... 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of us in the yacht charter game will be glad to see the back of the 2020 sailing season, and all the drama that the pandemic brought us (via international travel restrictions, grounded flights, reluctance to travel…). We’ve got our last handful of boats on the water in the coming weeks, and then it’s farewell to 2020.

Truth be told, it’s been a hard season, and it’s been difficult to keep our chins up and carry on as borders came crashing down. We moved from booking people’s dream sunshine holidays to having to cancel them, and from dealing with happy customers excited to be heading off on holiday to dealing with cooped up, miserable customers who are even harder to satisfy, and more so to please.

Our award-winning customer service team have been instrumental in making sure we kept everyone happy, and while we’re saying farewell to 2020, with the amount of holidays we were able to rebook to next year, we’re already back on course for 2021 to be a bumper record-breaking year!

Hopefully when the sailing restarts in April 2021, all this pain will be a distant memory…

 Let's go 2021 - Book now! 

Speaking of 2021, you can book now for 2021 with as little as 25% deposit, and, whilst boats aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, there is less availability than in normal years due to the number of boat charters which were flipped to 2021 – so it is worth considering getting something booked sooner rather than later.

 New for 2021 - the Caribbean! 

And there’s more from us in 2021 – over the coming weeks we’ll start adding boats in FOUR NEW BASES IN THE CARIBBEAN – we’re now taking bookings for the Bahamas, BVI’s, Antigua and Grenada – so if you want a super-special sailing holiday, then check that out!

 PLEASE Vote for us...! 

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