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Book with us in May and we'll donate to The Ocean Cleanup!

Book a week-long Mediterranean sailing holiday with this month, and we’ll donate to The Ocean Cleanup!

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Recently, the news has been full of depressing news about climate chance, impending environmental disaster, and how important action needs to be taken NOW to not just preserve our beautiful planet for future generations, but also to enable people, plants, animals and even insects to simply survive here.

We can’t solve all the worlds’ problems, but we can all certainly do our bit to be part of the change. That’s why this month, if you book with us, we’ll donate a portion of the sale to help fund The Ocean Cleanup – a massively ambitious, innovative and genius project to remove a good portion of the plastic waste in our seas over the next ten years - cleaning the seas is one of the first steps towards making our planet healthy again.

So to do your bit, and get a warm feeling inside, simply book a week-long Mediterranean sailing holiday and then email info[at] and we’ll make a donation of €30 in your name. Easy!